It is said that anyone that finds an Easter Egg will be lucky throughout the whole year. This Easter, you will have to search for more than just Lucky Easter Eggs, but also Lucky Rabbits and Peeps. These lucky images will appear in (the game name). If you think you are lucky, please join in the hunt and get a special reward during the Easter Holiday!

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  • Cyber Monster 2
  • League of Angels
  • Tales of Solaris
  • Pockie Saints
  • Pockie Pirates
  • DDTank
  • Wartune
  • Grand Voyage

Event Intro

This gift giveaway will take place during the Easter Holiday! You must search for Lucky Easter Eggs, Rabbits and Peeps. There will be 1,000 Easter Prizes for everyone to find and 30 Lucky Easter Prizes per day. All gifts will be sent once the event has ended. Participate with us this Easter Holiday and maybe you will be one of the luckiest ones!


April. 21st, 2014 -- April. 26th , 2014 CDT (GMT -5)

How to Participate

Click the image of an Easter Egg, Lucky Rabbit or Peep once the hunt has began to join the event. Participation rewards will be given directly to you. The Easter Prizes will be sent to your Game321 accounts automatically. The Lucky Easter Prize winners will need to provide their Character Name and Server Name on the event page. Then they need to post an in-game screenshot, with the Game Name, Character Name and Server Number on each game forum.

During each time frame starting from 0:00AM, 08:00AM, 16:00PM, players will be able to receive Easter prizes throughout the day. We will single out 10 Lucky Easter Prize winners at random during each time frame. Each IP address may only receive one exclusive prize.


1. Please provide your character name, server details.

2. Game321 reserves the final interpretation right for this activity.