Easter is drawing near. To celebrate this day, Game321 has prepared a special event for all of you. You can earn NPoints if you log into www.game321.com, top-up and share your NPoints redemption result. NPoints can redeem valuable event packs for up to 10 games, like League of Angels and MU Classic. You will receive activation codes for event packs and use the codes to redeem gift packs in these games.

There are 3 ways to obtain NPoints: Login, top-up and sharing redemption results. Rules are as follows:

1. Log in to obtain NPoints:

There are two kinds of login points: continuous login points and first login points.

First Login NPoint: Log in on the Game321 platform for the first time to obtain 10 NPoints.

Continuous Login NPoint: After logging in to any of the 10 promoted games, you will receive login points. Based on your continuous login days, you will receive different amounts of NPoints (see the table below):

Days 1 2 3 5 7 10 12
NPoints 1 1 2 3 3 5 10

If you fail to log in continuously, NPoints will be recounted all over again. For example, you log into the same game on April 1 and April 3, but miss the login on April 2, then you will only receive 1 point on April 2.

2. Top-Up NPoint

Top-Up NPoint = Accumulative Top-Up NPoint + First Top-Up NPoint

Accumulative Top-Up Point: During the event, top up in a game to obtain NPoints. Accumulative Top-Up Point = Total top-up amount /2.5.

First Top-Up Point: 5 NPoints are given when you top-up in one of the promotional games for the first time.

3. Share to Receive NPoints

You can also obtain NPoints by sharing the results of gift pack redemption. If you choose to share the result, you will earn 10 NPoints for your first-time sharing. The more times you share, the more NPoints you’ll receive. Here are the details:

Share 1st time 2nd time 3rd time 4th time
Point 10 2 3 10

NPoints can be redeemed with in the event redemption panel.
Choose a game and then choose a gift pack that you would like to redeem. NPoints will be deducted after the redemption.

The detailed rules of exchanged are as follows:

Value of the gift pack(Unit:$) Points needed
5 10
10 20
20 30
50 80
100 160
300 380

Each level of gift packs can be redeemed only once per week.

Format for recording and sharing information:

Record Information:
You received a wonderful pack worth ** dollars in ** (game’s name) on April 5, 2015. The activation code for the pack is: **

Share Information:
Awesome! I received a Easter pack in **(game’s name). Join me now!

  • 5
  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
  • 100
  • 300
  • 5
    Soulstone, Blessed
    Stone, Gold
  • 10
    Blessed Stone, Gem, Enhancement
    Stone, Soulstone, Gold
  • 20
    Seraph's Stone, Refining
    Stone, Element Crystal,
    Soulstone, Gold
  • 50
    Seraph's Stone, Blessed
    Stone, Angel Tears,
    Aegis Shard, Gold
  • 100
    Lvl. 7 Crit Gem, Angel
    Tears, Seraph's Stone,
    Blessed Stone, Gold
  • 300
    Lvl. 8 Cherubstone, Lvl. 7
    Fusion Gem Chest, Seraoh's
    Stone, Blessed Stone
  • 5
    Adv. Life Stone, Adv. Magic
    Stone, Holy EXP Stamp
  • 10
    Holy EXP Stamp, Isis'
    Blessing, Panda (24 Hours)
  • 20
    Blessed Gems (Bound),Holy
    EXP Stamp,Enhanced Unicorn
  • 50
    Blessed Gem,Medal Shard,
    Enhanced Divine Beast
  • 100
    Blessed Gem,Soul Gem,
    Enhanced Fire Wolf
  • 300
    Creation Gem,Life Gem,
    Enhanced Fire Wolf
  • 5
    Basic Mount Trial
    Stone,Spirit Essence
  • 10
    Spirit Essence,Pet
    Dessert ,Respawn Scroll
  • 20
    Spirit Essence,Average
    Pet Spirit,Refine Stone
  • 50
    Medium Mount Rank Stone,
    Medium Mount Trial Stone,Star
    Stone Pack,Large Gem Pack
  • 100
    Attack Gem Pack,Blue
    Pet Spirit,Lv.2 Bliss Stone,
    2x Practice EXP Scroll
  • 300
    Attack Gem Pack,Life
    Gem Pack,Blue Pet Spirit,
    Lv.2 Bliss Stone,2x Practice...
  • 5
    S Life Crystals,S
    Magic Crystals,Perfume
  • 10
    Star Pet Stones,Slot Talismans,
    Skill Pills,Sanders Boxes
  • 20
    Star Dust Sand,White Pet
    Subs,Skill Pills,Perfume
  • 50
    Orange Enchant Stones,Enchant
    Locks,Low Broth,Mount Broth,
    Sir Badges,Talent Boost Potions
  • 100
    Mount Broth,Green Pet Subs,
    Orange Orison Runes,Psyche
    Upgrade Crystals,99 Flowers...
  • 300
    Purple Pet Skill Scrolls,
    Advanced Numen Talismans C,
    Advanced Plume Crystals...
  • 5
    Special QBZ 95,
    Basic EXP Card
  • 10
    AK47 War Soul,
    Military Axe,100 Gold
  • 20
    Bulletproof Vest,Bulletproof
    Helmet,Pistol Magazine…
  • 50
    Barrett Silver ,Dual Deagle,
    Nepal Silver,Adv.EXP Card
  • 100
    AK47 Gold,M4A1 Gold,
    HE Grenade,Grenade Bag
  • 300
    Gatling Gun Gold,Deagle
    Gold,HE Grenade Silver,Cop
    Cindy,Bandit Thea
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