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Today's Gifts

Daily Tasks(September 24-November 24)

  • Discover Bloodsoul 10 times

  • Initiate arena challenge 10 times

  • Challenge outdoor demon boss once

  • Complete bounty quest 3 times

  • Konohagakure boutique shop lucky draw twice

  • Tsunade's Pub lucky draw twice

Duration: September 24 - November 24, 2012
Complete Daily Tasks to win rewards and get a chance to obtain limited edition Little Jun&Little Meng outfits.

Players can make 3 late claims every month.
The first late claim will cost 5 golden beans
The second late claim will cost 10 golden beans
The Third late claim will cost 20 golden beans.

Event Schedule

Select Date

After completing daily quests for 7 days, please click to get your weekly gift box below:(Weekly reward is limited to one claim)

  • 09-24-09-30

  • 10-01-10-07

  • 10-08-10-14

  • 10-15-10-21

  • 10-22-10-28

  • 10-29-11-04

  • 11-05-11-11

  • 11-12-11-18

  • 11-19-11-24

When all daily quests between September 24 and October 24 are completed, please click the super gift box below to get your rewards.

When all daily quests between October 25 and November 24 are completed, please click below to get your limited edition outfit! (You can only choose one outfit)

9.24-10.24 rewards

  • 10.25-11.24

  • 10.25-11.24

1. Event duration: September 24 - November 24
2. Please claim your rewards before 23:59 every day.
3. During the event, you can make 2 late claims of gift boxes every Saturday and Sunday.
4. Delay may occur while the server is doing daily task statistics. So please check and confirm after a while.
5. Please bind your character with server and then complete daily quests in the server you bind. Bound server cannot be modified.
6. You can only claim daily rewards once a day, weekly rewards once a week and monthly rewards once a month.
7. All items are bound and will be sent to the server you bind.