1. Hall of Fame is designed to reward and display players who have excellent leadership, extraordinary personal charm, powerful combat strength, and made major contribution to our game. Every player who has been inducted in the Hall of Fame will get a luxurious reward and will also receive an exclusive interview with the official. So, everyone in Cyber Monster 2 will know the hero's deeds!

2. Players do not need to apply for it or contact us. The official will select and assess players who can enter the Hall of Fame. The evaluation criteria are:

⋅ Leaders in both character level and combat power ranking in a server;

⋅ Winners of contest or festival events. Such as level contest, combat power contest, achievement contest and so on;

⋅ Players who have made outstanding contribution to the game. Such as, those who actively report major bug, leak and illegal actions; who could commit to their work as a GM or forum administrator, and provide quality service and help to other players; who have made constructive suggestions to help us make the game better, and those who have posted high-quality articles on game strategies or tips on the forum; and who holds the highest top-up records;

⋅ Players who have achieved the most difficult achievement or goal. For example, the guild leader of the first Lv.10 guild; the first player who has completed several difficult achievements; the first player who gets a certain special achievement; the first player who unlocks and summons a certain special pet and the like.

⋅ Cyber Monster 2 enthusiasts whose have the longest total online hours, and players with outstanding performance in inviting friends, forum participation, making or producing game related comics or videos.

3. After the final selection, our game master or customer service will contact eligible player via IM; we will complete the celebrities’ settle-in and display within 10 working days at the latest.

4. In order to show your personal charisma better to other players, we may ask for your personal information, such as life photo, real name, country, age, motto and game experience. It’s based on the freewill principle, you can either choose not to provide them or provide part of your information. We promise that we will not impose you to top up or pay to enter the Hall of Fame. We do not charge player on it.