The highly anticipated Pockie Wallet has arrived! Deposit Golden Beans into your wallet and earn
125% Rebate+375% Gift Coupons+Item Gift Boxes! The rewards are better than ever!

Starting Date: March 16

Your Golden Bean Balance: 0

57984 people have used their Pockie Wallets to deposit money!

Claim Rewards:

Calculated on a weekly basis, deposit certain amount of Golden Beans before 23:59:59 every Sunday———you'll immediately receive 20% gold+50% gift coupons+ item gift box*1. Remaining rewards will be sent during the following 7 weeks.

TimeGold RatioGift Coupons RatioGift Box


20%50%Pet Egg*1

Week 2

20%45%Pet Egg*1

Week 3

10%45%Pet Egg*1

Week 4

10%45%Pet Egg*1

Week 5

20%45%Pet Egg*1

Week 6

15%45%Pet Egg*1

Week 7

20%50%Pet Egg*1

Week 8

20%50%Pet Egg*1

Item Gift Box: Pet Egg*1

Please Note:

1.For each account, the minimum amount of deposit is 20 Golden Beans in a server; the maximum amount of deposit is 5000 Golden Beans in a server. You have to claim rewards from the server which you've made the deposit.

2.Each deposit should be 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 300GB, 500GB, 1000GB or 2000GB. Players who deposit money as required will receive immediate reward. Other rewards can be claimed later.

3.Deposit is on weekly basis. After the deposit, you'll claim rewards from the following week (Please be assured that rewards won't expire.)

4.The item gift box rewards are all bound;

5. After deposit, you'll receive gold+gift coupons+items(Golden Beans won't be returned)

6. Please choose a server carefully before depositing to avoid any unnecessary losses.