August 14 - October 14

Captain: Sign up ---Become intern captain---Bind character to the server---Get exclusive invitation link---Send invitation to three crew---Crew register and create character on the server ---Three crew member punch in ---Becomes the captain

Crew: Receive captain's invitation---Register account---Become intern crew---Create character on the server--- Punch in---Become crew member

1. Recruit 3 crews to become the captain and claim Gorgeous Chest*1
2. Recruited crew can claim Lucky Chest*1

Gorgeous Chest--- 300 Gift Coupons

Lucky Chest--- 60 Gift Coupons

1. You can bind server on this page (once the server is bound to the character, it can't be changed.) to sign up for intern captain and get exclusive invitation link.

2. To become the captain, you must invite 3 crew members and have them register through the link and create characters on the server

3. Once the relation between captain and crew is established, it can't be cancelled. And the crew cannot become the captain.

4. If the captain invites multiple crew members at the same time, then the first 3 players that register the account will be the crew.(What if players I invites registered the account but didn't create character? Please Contacts Our CS)

5. If the invited ninjas create characters on multiple servers, the system only records the character info that captain binds to the server.

Bind the server, use exclusive link and invite 3 crew to register accounts and create characters.

Register the account through invitation link and create a character on the server that captain binds.