Duration:July 18, 0:00:01-July 24, 23:59:59

Top Up

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Event Name: Top Up and Win—Released Sage of Six Paths Arrives


July 18, 0:00:01-July 24, 23:59:59


All servers (Including servers opened during the event)


Compete with players on one server and become the only Ninja King! The top 5 players on the top-up ranking will receive rewards.


1. Reward for the winner: Released Sage of Six Paths+31*1, Pink Collection*200, Lv.101 Enchantment Stone Wishing Box*20, Craftsman Talisman*50, Kakashi's Notebook*50, Perfect Inscription Talisman*30, Kage Unearthed Scroll*10, Bloodsoul VII Treasure Jar*20
2. Reward for the 2nd place: Released Sage of Six Paths+18*1, Pink Collection*100, Lv.101 Enchantment Stone Wishing Box*10, Craftsman Talisman*30, Kakashi's Notebook*30, Star Stone Wishing Box*10, Mysterious Scroll*5, Bloodsoul V Treasure Jar*20
3. Reward for the 3rd place: Released Sage of Six Paths+0*1, Pink Collection*50, Craftsman Talisman*20, Kakashi's Notebook*20, Heart of Tailed Beast Wishing Box*10, Lv.91 Enchantment Stone Wishing Box*15, Bloodsoul V Treasure Jar*10
4. Reward for the 4th-5th place: Ten-tails+0*1, Dark Gold Collection Treasure Jar*100, Anniversary Outfit Wishing Pot*20, Luxury Treasure Jar*50, Bloodsoul III Treasure Jar*20, Craftsman Talisman*10, Lv.8 Soul-refining Talisman*20, Lv.8 Enhancement Talisman*20


1. Top-up ranking only records the top-up amount that one single account has made on one server;
2. Except custom outfit and custom equipment, rewards will be sent within 7 working days after the ranking is finalized;
3. Winning players please timely contact our live customer service to confirm information at the end of event.
4. Top-up ranking is updated every 10 minutes.
5. Some items are for the new version of Pockie Ninja. Please keep them until the new version is alive;
6. Game321 reserves the final interpretation right of the event.